Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear Andy:

Today you had two "firsts" and as such, so did I.

1) You got your first red wagon. It's pretty cool, I must say, I myself never having had a red wagon to call my own. Grandma and Grandaddy bought it for you. It has cup holders. My first car didn't have cup holders, and neither did my second. My first car was a Toyota Corolla and I carried the keys on a stuffed crab key chain (I never claimed I had good taste). Gas was a dollar a gallon then. I'm starting to sound old and I acknowledge this. My second car was a volvo 940 "sport." What made it a "sport" you ask? Well darling, I wish I knew, because sporty was just about the must inapplicable adjective for that particular automobile. Geriatric? Yes. It did have a sunroof, which I loved, and its lack of cup holders rendered me required to put my coffee and/or diet coke in the small center console between the two front seats. This is not a good idea. Please don't ever do it. You will either a) burn yourself severely or b) spill a dark colored beverage all over your clothing, more than likely on your way to work. Heed my warning.

Anyway, back to your wagon. At first you were a little scared of it but then you were climbing in and out of it and pulling it all over the living room and dining room. I think it will really come in handy on our daily trips to the pool this summer. Which brings me to our next "first."

2) Today, I gained a greater understanding of the true purpose of swim diapers. Last summer, I learned that they really don't keep pee inside - I put you in one, we walked to the pool, and you were soaked when we got there. "What is the point of the swim diapers?" I asked many a person. Aunt Evelyn explained that their true purpose is really to contain poop, as there are chemicals in the pool that will take care of the pee (um, ew). I didn't think much more about it until today, when, while playing in the pool, I thought to myself "gosh this pool really smells bad, I better move" and as I was carrying you to another spot I realized that it was not, in fact, the pool that smelled, it was you (and in turn, me, who now had poop running down my bathing suit). You were not happy that our swimming trip was cut short. I shall never go to the pool without wipes again. I am afraid I still smell like poop. I showered and I think I'm ok but you never know.

So we've had quite a day today. I thought we'd add these two firsts to your record book. I'm sure you'll be thrilled about the wagon story. The poop one, well, you might not want me to recount that one at your wedding.

Love, Mommy

Friday, June 5, 2009

You can understand me?

Dear Andy,

This morning, you were running around the living room and were heading into the dining room. Daddy and I were sitting on the couch and I said to you "Andy, can you find a truck?"

You turned around, looked pensive, and starting searching. You got on your tummy, shimmied underneath the coffee table (your new favorite jungle gym), and found a truck. You brought it to Daddy, and we both stared at you in amazement.

You're so darn smart. I know we're your parents and we're supposed to think that. But you really are. Today, trucks. Tomorrow: the world.