Saturday, August 8, 2009

If I could save time in a bottle

Dear Andy,
I used to hate it when my parents told me that I grew up too fast, because all I wanted was to grow up. Now, I look back and think that the days of naptimes and red wagons were pretty darn fabulous. You, too, are growing up too fast. I often watch you sleep (on those rare occasions when you do sleep), especially if you're snuggled up with me, and wish I could freeze that moment in time, preserved for another day when perhaps you are 16 and don't want to snuggle with your mommy.
I remember when you were tiny and I would see other kids sitting up and walking around and I thought, no way, my little man is so little, those days will not come any time soon. But they're here. And they're awesome. But I still love those snuggles.
You amaze me with all your tricks. Case in point:

You're a pretty cool dude, I have to say. That's all for now.

Love, Mommy

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  1. yes i know what you mean - i wish time could slow down too. Our son starts school next week! I can't believe we won't have a child at home each day. Wish our daughter was with us still and wish we could have another baby.
    Make the most of what you have and thank God for what he has given you I guess is the way to go.