Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Sandy


Today is July 22, 2009. It's Aunt Sandy's 28th birthday. That is pretty exciting, and I'm sad that we aren't in Grundy to celebrate with her. I've celebrated a lot of birthdays with her, and it's kinda crazy if you think about it. Coming up next month, it will be ten years since she and I became best friends. Ten years! You're only 17 months old so that probably seems like a long time to you at the moment.

I thought, in honor of her birthday, I should give you a quick (or not so quick) rundown of how Aunt Sandy and I became friends, and how she became your aunt. Because seriously, how many kids get to have their actual, real-life, blood-relative aunt be their mom's best friend?

I realize this may not make much sense.

I met Aunt Sandy when I started college at American University. It's a wonderful place in Washington, DC. She was one of the first people I ever met from Ohio - and Ohio seemed like a very exotic, far away place for someone like your mommy, who thought that New York stopped at Connecticut and could never figure out why people said it was a big state (I mean seriously, the tappen zee bridge and New Jersey weren't even far apart! ).

But I digress. Aunt Sandy was such a nice girl, she was so wholesome, like people from Ohio should be. She lived down the hall from me and I really wanted to be her roommate but it took us awhile to work that out (dorms can be a complicated universe, as you'll find as a future American University Eagle yourself I'm sure). We went on many adventures together and continue to do so.

She is the reason that daddy and I are, well daddy and I. She is also my best friend. You're a lucky little guy to have her in your life, and I hope that you always know that.
I hope for this, for you, buddy. I hope that someday you have a friends with whom you can laugh, friends with whom you can cry, and friends with whom you can spill diet coke/mcflurries/burritos from caltort all over yourself and laugh about it afterwards. I hope that you have a friend like Aunt Sandy, who year after year, you laugh about birthdays of the past and wonder what kind of shennanigans you'll get into in birthdays of the future.

But take my word for it - Absolut Citron, straight? Skip it.


  1. So first, it took me WAY too long to figure out how this worked...I was imagining some sort of lost-at-birth sort of sisterhood thing, instead of you marrying your best friend's brother (which I'm assuming was what happened!)

    And second, I lived in NY, CT, and NJ---we have the same stomping grounds! Didn't realize that :)

  2. AW! That made me a little ferklempt. Andy, I'd like to add that my wholesomeness pretty much came to a screeching halt right around the time I met your mother. Coincidence? I think not. I'd also like to add that your mother thought Ohio was somewhere near Montana. So make sure she hits the geography books with you, champ.

  3. Andy, if you're going to go to American University you'd better start saving your money now. Ohio State would be much less expensive.